Nonprofits Are Bad

I’ve heard talk about nonprofits being bad…they do not work…they use money inappropriately.
The truth is the same can be said of for-profit businesses as well, especially if you get specific. Let’s not blanket a whole industry because of some bad apples.
There are many nonprofits doing amazing …

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Introverts and Extroverts

Introverts gain energy by being alone.
Extroverts gain energy by being with people.
I know some introverts who are excellent with people. They love people. They have deep relationships. They are able to communicate well with people one on one, in groups and from a stage.
I know …

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Read Great Books

A friend once shared with me that he does not have time to read good books. He only has time to read great books.
The same is true for me…and for you.
Stop reading just any book.
Don’t even read good books.
There are too many great books out …

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Deciding On A Career

Having trouble making a decision on a clear career path?
Wanting to change careers?
Job Searching
If you are hunting for a job, there is one significant barrier to you finding the job of your dreams, work that matters. How are you going to get your resume to …

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The Lonely Nonprofiter

Are you a lonely nonprofiter?

Feel like you are doing it all on your own? Maybe you have volunteers, but you still feel exhausted and alone.

You need help.

You need people to step up with their time.

You need people to give not just their time but their …

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Mom Power

Moms are amazing. They mold and make us into who we are.
Moms love when no one else loves.
Moms forgive.
Some moms get to birth children. Others adopt them…or pick them up along the way.
All moms make a difference.
I am super grateful for my mom. We get …

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One Good Idea

“Properly exploited, one good idea that occurs to you when walking down the beach is worth several lifetimes of hard work.” ~ Gary Halbert
What do you love about this quote?

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What Makes You Angry?

Pay attention to what makes you angry.
When it comes to doing work that matters, that which makes you angry can be a key indicator of which direction you should go in.
On whose behalf do you get angry? Perhaps you should start doing something for these …

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Hearing God’s Voice

A friend once shared with me that God was calling him to move across the country and go to seminary.
I responded by asking him, “What is her name?”
He then told me the name of the girl he was interested in.
There is a skepticism to the idea …

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What Is Your Superpower?

What is that thing that you do extremely well?
When others think about you, they think about how awesome you are at this.
Despite life circumstances… Despite busy times in life… Despite overwhelm… You find yourself using this Superpower.
Pay attention to it. Use it. Find ways to …

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