Last Day!

Need help with raising funds for yourself or your nonprofit? Thinking about starting a nonprofit? Come check out Lift to learn how to become fully funded.
You can find out more at
Today is the last day to sign up at the current price.
Tomorrow the price …

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Funding Your Nonprofit Is All About One Thing

People don’t give to projects.
People don’t give to organizations.
People give to people.
Specifically, people give to people they know, love and trust.
If you want your nonprofit, ministry or church to thrive financially, you must do one thing. All of the training around raising funds centers around …

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Boundaries Are Your Friend

We hate boundaries.
We need boundaries.
I’m a recovering people pleaser. I struggle with boundaries. It is very hard for me to say “no” to people. I feel guilty saying “no” and I feel like I need to solve all the world’s problems.
Do you struggle with this? Do …

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Don’t Live Alone

This post is not directly connected to my previous post Feeling Alone? Decrease Your Circles.
I’m not suggesting you don’t live alone because you might be lonely, or as an option for you. I think, in general, we are not met to live alone.
Think about it. …

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Feeling Alone? Decrease Your Circles

Are you lonely? Surrounded by people, but you still feel alone?
I’ve found this to be an epidemic in our culture. We hunger for community but can’t seem to find it.
What is the solution? I’m not totally sure, but I think I know one significant contributor …

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Increase Productivity with a Weekly Review

With all the things you have going on, it is probably hard to keep everything straight.
Something I’ve been doing for over a decade is a Weekly Review. I spend one to two hours a week looking through the previous week, my goals and the following …

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Prepare For Your Quarterly Offsite

It is mid June. Time to take a final look at your goals from the second quarter and start preparing for your Quarterly Offsite. Let the fun begin!
Why Quarterly Offsite
I do a personal retreat every quarter to help me rest, rejuvenate, set goals and prepare …

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Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

One of our goals as a family is to help our children identify one passion they have and turn it into a business.
Our hope is for them to have a way to provide for themselves before they go to college.
To start off, we are looking at …

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Stop The Comparison Game

Just because someone lives their life differently than you, does not mean they think you are doing it wrong.
Stop the comparison game. Everyone is doing the best they can.
Just because someone lives their life, parents their kids, spends their money, schools their children, leads their …

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My Favorite Thing About Jesus

There are some great things to love about Jesus.
He told awesome stories. He helped people. He inspires people to live better lives.
He did miracles. He pushed back against an oppressive religious system.
But, for me, there is one thing I love about Jesus above all else. …

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