Step 1 For Your Next Career Decision

Whether you are looking to start a business or look for a new job, there is something you need to do first.
No, do not go online looking for jobs in your area or career field.
No, do not start the random business a friend has been …

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How Do You Get It All Done?

Well, the answer is quite simple.
You cannot get it all done.
You have a ton of different things on your list. You are starting something new regularly. Your work places demands on you. Your loved ones are pulling at you. Then you have your own list …

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5 Realizations I’ve Had While Writing My First Book

Whoa! It has been 2 months since I started writing my book. This is why I have posted nothing on the blog recently. Please forgive me.
During this journey I have come to several realizations I’d like to share with you. Maybe these can encourage you …

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Solopreneur Resources

If you are an Idea Addict Solopreneur, I have some great resources I want to share with you.
All Idea Addicts: My Book
In the coming weeks, I will be launching my first book for Idea Addicts. If you struggle with deciding between business ideas or even …

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10 Idea Addict Hacks

As Idea Addicts, we have to learn how to best function with this gift. Otherwise, we will find ourselves in a frenzied state. Do not let your ideas paralyze you. Here are some hacks you might find helpful.
#1 An Umbrella
No, not a physical umbrella. An …

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Mixing Spirituality, Lifestyle and Income

Earlier this year I attended the One World Everybody Eats Conference in Denver Colorado. I went with two others from Crescent City Cafe, along with 50 plus other people interested (or already doing) the pay-what-you-can cafe model.
If you have not heard of this, it is exactly …

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4 Steps to Killing Creativity

If you want to kill creativity in a person, organization, ministry, etc, I recommend the following.
1) “We Have Never Done That”
Go ahead, let you decision making be led by this phrase. Decide to never do anything you have not already done. This is a great …

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How Are You Growing Your Prayer Life?

Last month, I mentioned how I’m growing in my prayer life. One of the things I am doing to grow is going to a church that believes in prayer. The second thing I am doing is using the prayers of others, primarily through prayer books.
Initially …

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Launch: Mastermind for the Fully Funded

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Can You Be Artistic and Make a Living?


I believe so! In fact, I believe it is critical, when choosing a career to have the following 3 components. Your work must do each of these.
1) Move You. What do you love to do? It is so important to love what you do. It …

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