When Should I Start My Business?

When is the best time to launch your business?
What are you waiting for? No more excuses. Get in the Game!
I know. You have all kinds of reasons to wait. You are waiting to see if that one thing is going to work out. You are holding …

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10 Ways to Know You Are An Idea Addict

Wondering if you are an Idea Addict. I can help you out.
#1 Ideas are your drug of choice.
I absolutely love a new idea. The feeling of euphoria. The possibilities! A great idea is a huge motivator, encourager and stimulant for me. Do not judge.

#2 …

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Get The Most Out Of Catalyst

One of the highlights of my year is attending the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. As I look back, the themes that stand out to me are Be Present (several years ago) and Awaken the Wonder (2015). I am excited about the 2016 Catalyst!
If you are …

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Launch Day! Grab My Book! (FREE October 1-5)

Are you an Idea Addict? Do your ideas ever overrun your life? More importantly, are your many ideas keeping you from moving forward vocationally?
If you are starting a business, but struggling to decide on which business to start, Vision ADD: From Ideas to Work That …

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Do for One

I have a friend who runs an awesome for-profit business. Another friend heads a life transforming nonprofit. A third friend is leading a social entrepreneurial cafe. I wish I could have each of their jobs. I have Vision ADD.
It is not possible for me to …

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Idea Addict Superpower

Being an Idea Addict can be overwhelming. The constant flood of ideas is both exhilarating and extremely stressful. You feel like you need to record every idea and do something with it. Unfortunately, there are too many to move forward with and actually execute.
In your …

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New Book and Facebook Launch Group

Wow! It is almost here. I am so excited to introduce you to my first book Vision ADD: From Ideas to Work That Matters.
Launch Date: October 1st, 2016
If you are interested in joining my Launch Team, I would be honored. You can request to join …

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Work Happens: Where Do You Go From Here?

As I write these words, a friend of mine has just lost their job. The emotions and stress are overwhelming. The future seems blurry.
Perhaps you have lost your job. Or maybe you own your own business, but, due to circumstances out of your control, you …

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Step 1 For Your Next Career Decision

Whether you are looking to start a business or look for a new job, there is something you need to do first.
No, do not go online looking for jobs in your area or career field.
No, do not start the random business a friend has been …

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How Do You Get It All Done?

Well, the answer is quite simple.
You cannot get it all done.
You have a ton of different things on your list. You are starting something new regularly. Your work places demands on you. Your loved ones are pulling at you. Then you have your own list …

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