Let’s Talk about THIS: Religion


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Religion is such a controversial topic.  It is one of those topics we are not suppose to talk about in a public setting.  Well, I think we should talk about it then.

I have had people tell me about how religion has hurt them.  Some people I know have never recovered from the destructive path of religion.  One of my closest friends was molested as child by a religious leader.  Then there is history.  We do not even need to go there.

On the other hand, I have seen the impact God can have on a life as well.  There is nothing quite like it.  I know lives completely changed for the better because of Jesus and the Church. On a larger scale, I live in New Orleans which received the outpouring of love from people of faith after Katrina.

Once there was this guy named Paul.  He was very religious.  In fact, his dedication led him to murder people who disagreed with him.  One day his faith was completely turned upside down…by Jesus.  From that point on, his life direction was forever altered.  He became an advocate for the faith he once tried to destroy.  He actually became the persecutee.  His heart went from being unaccepting to loving, and God used him to tell many many others about God’s love.

What is your faith background?  Has it been more positive or more negative?  What questions has your faith helped you answer?  Which questions do you still struggle with? Please share in the comments section.

PS: I do not have any plans for a political post.  I know you were worried.

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