Be Thankful: 5 Ways to Appreciate Your Loved Ones

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Who do you care about?  How does this person know you care about them?  I would like to suggest that if you are not intentional about showing appreciation, then you are not appreciative.

Whether it is your parents, a spouse or significant other, or a best friend, you must show the person how you feel and this requires work.  You may be thinking, “Well, he knows I appreciate him,” or “She knows I love her.”  If you do not show how you feel, they do not know anything.

Here are some practical tips for showing your appreciation to the people you care about.  These five verbs can be very helpful.

  1. Do something for this person.  Perhaps you help out more around the house for your spouse.  You could wash the dishes for the holiday meal at your parents’ house (if you do not normally do this of course).  You could jump in on yard work or another household chore you do not normally participate in.  The key is to do something new to serve this person.
  2. Tell this person how much you appreciate him/her.  I know, you are not good with that kind of stuff.  It is difficult for you and you just “do not do that kind of thing.”  This is all the more reason you should tell them.  These words of appreciation will mean so much more from you because you do not normally appreciate people with your words.  Trust me.  Try it out.
  3. Give a gift.  I struggle with this one, but it is no excuse.  A gift does not have to be expensive or even cost money.  Be creative.  Your friend, your spouse, your mom or dad, your brother/sister would love to get a random gift.  Wouldn’t you?
  4. Spend time with them.  Take this loved one to lunch or dinner.  Go on a walk.  Check out what is playing at the movies and suggest a couple of options.  VERY IMPORTANT: Put your phone away.  If you are trying to appreciate someone by spending time with them, you must rid yourself of distractions.  Remember, this person is your focus for this bit of time.
  5. Help them accomplish a task.  Find out what is on their To Do List and help them check something off.  This is different from just doing something for them.  In this case, you are being extremely intentional by being very specific and committed toward something more important to them than just the day to day tasks of life.  This is not a 10 minute chore and the appreciation you communicate through this will last much longer.  Just saying.

So, who do you need to intentionally show appreciation to this week.  If you really do care about someone, you will show it.  Try one or more of these on someone and see what happens.

I dare you to do all of these for someone over the next week or month.  Please share in the comments section something you have done for your loved ones.

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