A 2014 Prediction


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What will 2014 hold for you?  I have a prediction about 2014: Something big is going to happen and you need to be ready for it.  That is no surprise though is it?  Big things happen every year.  The question is are you ready for the next big thing?  It could be a tragedy or an opportunity.  It could involve a choice on your part or no choice at all, but your life will be impacted by the events of 2014.

So how do you get ready?

I think goals are the way to go, but not like you might think.  We tend toward making a long list of goals and by mid-January we are so far behind, we never catch up.  I just have three suggestions.

  1. Be Goals – Rather than a long list of things to do, set a Be Goal.  Be Healthy, Be Present, Be a Blogger, Be Athletic, etc.  The focus here is on who you are, rather than just a checklist of tasks.  Of course you can flush it out some and list some tasks that will lead you to be ___________ (fill in the blank).  Not finishing one of these tasks is okay though, because your goal is to be something and someone, your Be Goal.
  2. Start Small – Pick one to three Be Goals.  You are not just trying to accomplish a list of tasks, you are trying to be somebody that you may or may not currently be.  That is big.  Do not try to make too many big changes at once.
  3. Commit – Do not pick three Be Goals hoping that one will stick. Try picking one and committing to it. You can pick another one later, once the first is a reality in your life.

Last year, I chose Be Healthy.  The previous year had been a rough one and I was not making wise decisions with food and exercise (or the lack thereof).  I am proud to say that I have made some great changes.  I exercise daily and am making some wiser decisions in the eating category.  My energy is up and so is my productivity.  I just feel healthier.

So, in what area of life are you going to set your first Be Goal?  Will it cover just one area or a couple?  Here are some possibilities, but make sure to come up with one that meets your needs.

  • Physical – Be Healthy, Be Active, Be a Runner
  • Spiritual – Be Light, Be a Prayer
  • Home – Be Present, Be an Example, Be Loving, Be Financially Responsible
  • Work – Be Productive, Be Present
  • Personal – Be a Reader, Be Generous, Be a Learner

Are you setting a Be Goal for this year?  What is it?  Please share in the comments section.

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