This is the playground by my house. It is sweet! The kids and I enjoy playing on it. One time, I was running and slipped and hurt myself. It was a minor injury, but I still have a scar to show for it.

On my knee, I have another scar. It came to me from falling on some bricks while at my Grandparent’s house when I was a kid. I still remember going to my Grandpa with the injury. The blood had run all the way down my leg.

I was thinking about this second scar recently. For the first time, I did not stop at remembering the incident itself. Instead I continued remembering times with my Grandparents. We made some wonderful memories together. It was neat to remember all of those times.

We all have scars. Some are small. Some large. Some are hidden. Some we cannot hide. There are those scars that are physical. Then there are those that are emotional or even spiritual.

I wonder if, like my scars mentioned above, our other scars can become a positive in some way? Do my scars have to always define me and own me? What would it look like to use my scars as a reminder of good times or lessons learned?

I am not suggesting we forget our scars, pain, or suffering. Choosing to not have it own us, forgiving when necessary (for you, not them), and having peace seem to be a better direction, though. There must be a productive and unproductive response that we can have. Perhaps choosing to see or remember the good will help the pain that remains.

Do you think this is possible? What is needed to make this a reality? Share in the comments section.

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