Loving What You Do

Do you ever run into someone that loves their job? They are so freaking inspiring. I love watching people do or talk about their passions, especially when they get to do it for a living.

This month while I was traveling I got to visit my Aunt Mary Jane. She owns a salon outside of St. Louis. I had never visited the salon, so I wanted to check it out. I was not in need of a haircut but she talked me into working on my beard. Then she kept going and gave me a quick trim. (Don’t tell Christy in NOLA who normally cuts my hair, and does a fabulous job. She will hate me. I couldn’t stop her, Christy!)

What was cool was watching my Aunt in the mirror. She really loves doing hair. She was not just doing her job. It was like watching an artist at work!

My brother, Eric, is another person that comes to mind on this subject. He is a physicist (not his actual title, but I always forget the real one). A few times a year I get to see him and ask him how work is going. He will talk forever about squids, tesla coils and other stuff that I don’t understand. Even though he is basically speaking another language, it is awesome watching him get excited about his work.

A longtime friend of mine, Mr. Gary, once told me, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” He is a farmer who works very hard and embodies his own advice.

Do you love your job? What do you get to do? Tell me your story below in the comments section. 

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