Did you know God loves you? I know what you are thinking. “Adam, you don’t even know me.” This is true, but God does know you and he loves you. This is at the core of the Christian message. Some people stuggle to believe God actually loves them, but he does.

As amazing as this truth is, what blows me away even more is what God thinks about our enemies. Go ahead. Think of a person or group of people that you don’t like, or might even consider to be your enemy.

Is your stomach turning? Perhaps your blood pressure is rising. That person…those people…make you angry.

Consider this. Jesus told his disciples to love their enemies. As a Jesus follower myself, I find this difficult. What blew my mind even more is when I realized God loves my enemies. Craaaazy!

Did you know God loves your enemies? If you know and follow Christ, you have to love your enemy, the people not like you, the people who hate you, the people who mistreat you. Christians aren’t very good at this. I know. I am one. Sorry. We are a work in progress. We need to get better at it, though.

God loves your enemy. So should you. Imagine how freeing it would be to actually love those who you currently hate. I think this would change the lives of those you love too. Hate, bitterness, unforgiveness…these only hurt you and those you care about.

So how do we love our enemies? No, that was not a rhetorical question. Please tell me how in the comments section. I’m still figuring the whole loving your enemies thing out too. Thanks for your help. 

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