Genesis 1

We just started a new sermon series at my church on Genesis. Sometimes the preachers do topical studies, but we are about to go through all of Genesis! Should be good.

Here is what is sticking out to me so far.

  1. Don’t twist science to fit the text.
  2. Don’t twist the text to fit science.
  3. Look at the text and who it was written to, a nonWestern culture several thousand years ago. They didn’t have iPhones or Google (that’s my addition to this point).
  4. Purpose was more important than function to this culture. Everything God created has a purpose.
  5. Subversive. There were several things in the text that would have caused a fight with neighboring cultures.
    1. One God – No one else believed this.
    2. Sun and Moon – Not gods. They are just created things for giving light.
  6. Good question to ask: What do I learn about God in this story/text?
  7. Key Message: Everything was made for a purpose and so are we. You are not an accident. Live that way when you leave here.
  8. Genesis 1 and Philippians 2 Connection. Instead of grasping at power God relinquished it. He created and then relinquished power to the created. He provided for the created. Not what the other gods were about. Key Message: I lay down my life for the created.

What do you learn about God from Genesis 1?

Add yours ↓

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