My Secret Productivity Tip

This is it. My secret productivity tip. I am not naturally very productive. I must manage my tasks, energy, distractions and interruptions. This tip is key to doing all of this and I’m really good at it.

No, getting up early is not it, but you are close. The morning is when I get a lot done. Decision making and interruptions tank my energy. So releasing my creative side, focusing and moving through difficult projects require my full attention…usually in the early morning.

Diet and exercise are important too. I am working on these, but still have a long way to go. Not my secret tip.

If you want to be more productive, have more focus, energy and time to do your calling in this world, and make a difference, you must do one thing. I will write it small and unbolded so you can’t scan to read it. Here it is. Go to bed early.

Simple, huh? No, not always. Nor should you always go to bed early. For me, hanging out with others sometimes prevent this. That is okay, sometimes. However to help more people and make a difference, I know I need to get up early, having had plenty of sleep.

Don’t make excuses. Start making it happen. And shhhh. Don’t tell anyone my secret.

Please share in the comments your secret productivity tip. I promise not to tell anyone.

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