Crescent City Cafe: Serving the Marginalized of New Orleans with Dignity


I haven’t told you about this cool thing I’m part of called Crescent City Cafe. In 2009, some young adult ladies in New Orleans got together and asked how they could serve the homeless of New Orleans. Many of them had experience working with the homeless and they wanted to do something different.

Out of their discussions came Crescent City Cafe , a restaurant style breakfast served on the first Saturday of the month. Their mission, “Inspired by the love of God to serve those who are poor and marginalized with dignity while providing opportunities for young adults to serve our community, build relationships with those we serve and connect with one another.”

In 2013, I became the director and we continue the 3 part vision of

  1. Serving the marginalized of New Orleans with dignity.
  2. Casting a new vision for homelessness as not being a permanent state.
  3. Uniting young adults in New Orleans through community service.

September marks one year since we moved to twice a month with our breakfast and we are not done yet!

This will be my last month serving as the Program Director. I am moving into a development role as we seek to expand the Cafe into a full-time restaurant/cafe. Our plan is to continue serving excellent food while also connecting people no matter their socio-economic background or situation. If you can pay, you will. If you can’t pay, you won’t.

I am very excited about this vision and look forward to seeing it come to fruition over the next 1-2 years. Thank you to all of our Guests, Volunteers and Donors for your continued support. We love being part of this awesome movement with you.

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