What Your Responsiveness Communicates to Your Team, Co-workers, and Others.

“You communicate all the wrong things when you’re not responsive.” Bryan Miles

This is so true. If I can give you one piece of advice when it comes to working with others it is this, Be Responsive. If someone emails you, email them back, even if they don’t ask you any questions. If they call you, call them back. If you aren’t available when they call, shoot them a text letting them know you will get back to them. If you get a text, you should always reply. Yes, everytime.

If you are not responsive to communication, it will always communicate things you do not want to communicate. Here are a couple possibilities. I’m sure there are more.

Not being responsive communicates…

1) You do not care about the person communicating with you.

2) You do not value this persons efforts or time.

3) Your time is more important than everyone elses.

4) You are disorganized.

5) Disorganization is acceptable to you.

6) Everyone else needs to adjust to your disorganization.

7) The project you are working on is not a priority for you.

I’m sure you have experienced a teammate or co-worker that was not responsive. What would you add to my list? Finish this sentence in the comments below, “When one is not responsive it communicates…”

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