Just coffee? I don’t think so.

I know a lady who is making a difference in the lives of others. She owns a coffee shop. She is a single mom. She is an incredible human being.

Her coffee shop is by an elementary school. In the morning, parents come in and hang out, engaging in great conversation with one another (and her) after dropping their kids off at school. During the day neighbors come and are given a huge smile to brighten up their day. Teachers love her cafe as well. And they love her.

After school, children pile in, each being greeted by name. Yes, she knows all their names. Every single name. Her coffee shop is the place to go.

This lady is making a difference in her family as a mom, but also in her community. She offers coffee, yes, but there is more. She provides a positive environment and a safe place. Don’t we all need more safe places in our lives?

I don’t know how many small businesses truly impact their community. Many would not be missed if they left. This cannot be said of this lady or her business. She loves greatly and is greatly loved.

Who do you know that makes a difference in their community? 

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