Say No Today

Today someone is going to ask you to do something you shouldn’t do.

The reason you shouldn’t do it is not based on moral grounds. No, they are going to ask you to do something good, possibly something very good.

Still, you need to say, “No!”

They are going to give you many reasons why you should do what they are asking you to do. These reasons are going to make a lot of sense. In fact, you may not have any good responses to the points this person makes.

Say “no” anyways.

The reason you need to say “no” to the opportunity coming your way today is because you already many opportunities. You can’t say “yes” to all of them. When you say “no” today’s opportunity, you are actually saying “yes” to another opportunity, one you have decided you need to say “yes” to.

Moral of the story: Say “no” so you can say “yes.”

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