Helping My Children with Materialism, Entitlement and Stuff

My wife and I are hoping to help our kids have an appropriate view of stuff. We want them to grow up and use stuff to help people.

We don’t want them to be materialistic consumers. We don’t want them to be entitled.

At this point, we don’t know how to do this.

Can you help? What tips and resources do you have? Please share in the comments section. Thanks.

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  1. Trevor

    I’m going to come from way out in left field for me and recommend a Dave Ramsey book (shocker! I know).
    Smart Money, Smart Kids discusses a lot of issues surrounding money, but spends considerable time on how to cultivate a generous giving spirit instead of an entitled, consumerist behavior.

    He also Financial Peace Junior, which is like an activity guide for parents. I received a free copy of it a while back but haven’t delved into it much yet.

    September 27, 2014
    • adamsuter

      Thanks Trevor! Love that book. Definitely recommend it!

      January 28, 2015