Book Recommendation: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg


At the Catalyst Conference last week Charles Duhigg spoke on his book, The Power of Habit. He discussed how our brains work when it comes to habits and how we can make or break habits. His findings involved a lot of research and was fascinating.

In fact, Duhigg says that “Every habit can be changed” and we can change the habits of others. This captivated me from a productivity standpoint. Who doesn’t want to make better habits?

Duhigg also discussed “willpower.” He even says, “Researchers have found willpower is the single greatest corilary to future success.” Then he told us that willpower also can be taught.

Duhigg scratched the surface of the material in his book according to another speaker, as well as my friend who was with me. With these two recommendations, I am adding The Power of Habit to my reading list.

Have you read The Power of Habit? What was your greatest takeaway?

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