What Should You Be Reading?

Being a lifelong learner is extremely important for one’s career. Whether you are running a nonprofit, working for one, or doing something else, you need to be constantly increasing your knowledge base.

But what should you read? There is so much content out there, it is not possible to consume it all.

What if you are not a big reader? I struggle to read. It kind of puts me to sleep. However, I do love to learn. Occasionally I read a book or ebook, but on a daily basis I stick with audio books and podcasts.

Managing Content
You need to be intentional with what you are going to read (or listen) to. It is easy to fall into focusing on something that interests you, while avoiding other important topics. Here are some options for you to consider adding to your list:

  1. Your Industry – This might seem obvious, but sometimes people focus on other areas (like leadership) and neglect their industry.
  2. Leadership – This is important. Even if you aren’t a manager, you have influence. Learn how to use it better.
  3. Spiritual Growth – Go beyond what you might learn on a Sunday morning. Delve into a good book or podcast to encourage you and help you take steps spiritually.
  4. Family – Do you want to fail in this area? I didn’t think so. Be intentional.
  5. Productivity – Yes, this is a topic I like a lot, but it shouldn’t be the only thing I read. However, all of us can benefit from learning how to be more productive.
  6. Fundraising – In nonprofit world, this is a must. Even if you know how to do it, the world is changing. We can all benefit from new ideas here.
  7. Novels – Really? I know, you don’t think these have value. However, I would disagree. A few benefits I have found from novels are the opportunity to rest my brain, touch my heart and stimulate my creativity. These are beneficial for anyone.

What topics am I leaving out that you believe one should add to his/her reading list?

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