Honor One Another

There are many things I learned from my Father, but I also missed the opportunity to learn much more from him. It is easier to see what you could have learned from someone after you don’t have them around. Believe me, I know.

What better way to honor someone than to make a pivot with your current relationships. Who are some people in your life now that if they were gone, you would regret not taking advantage of learning from them? Could be someone, like my Dad, who is good at fixing stuff, or someone who you respect spiritually, or someone who is a great parent.

Go ahead and think of up to three people right now. Write their names down.

I’ll wait. Go ahead.

Now, write down next to their names things they are good at and passionate about. Then decide to ask them to teach you about at least one of these things. You may not share their passion. The point is to bless them and not take for granted opportunities to learn.

Decide to spend 1 hour a week (or month) sitting at their feet, learning. You won’t regret this decision. In addition to learning, you will honor this person.

Life is too short to take relationships for granted. Choose to intentionally invest and learn from someone today. Please share in the comments section at least one person you plan to learn from in the near future and what they can teach you.

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