Thank You Carrollton

As my family and I move from New Orleans, I feel like I need to say “thank you” to our church family at Carrollton Avenue Church of Christ. You have been a huge blessing to Michelle, me and the kids these last three years.

Several years ago, we had a “bad church experience.” Anyone out there ever had one of those? Well, we did.

Then we did house church for a couple years. When we first came to Carrollton, we definitely thought we had healed from the “bad church experience.” Looking back now, I can see that was not the case.

Carrollton, you helped us heal…on the inside. Thank you for your love and service to us and the NOLA Community. You are a special group of people and we are grateful for all you do for Jesus.

Do you love your church too? Tell us why your church is awesome?

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