I’m Back on Social Media

Well, I am back from my Social Media Pause. It was good to take a break. I was traveling the last two weeks and despite the time change, I slept quite well. I think this could be attributed to the break from social media.

It was also nice to be able to better focus on the people in front of me. Although I absolutely love social media, I look forward to these breaks from time to time.

I was at a leadership conference a few years ago and Jim Collins, author of Good to Great (and some other excellent books),was one of the speakers. I was taking copious notes. He was giving us excellent tips on leadership and how to run an organization.

Then he said something that stopped me in my tracks. He told us to take a break from technology for one day every two weeks. 

My first thought was, “What does that have to do with leadership?” Then I thought, “That’s crazy talk!”

However, as I have been studying productivity the last couple years, I am seeing that Collins was onto something. Our minds need a break from the rat race of social media, blogging and technology. We need to look people in the eye and experience human touch every once in a while. We were not made to be looking at a screen 24/7.

I dare you. Take a day off from technology. Let me know how it goes.

What benefit can you see in taking a break from social media and/or other technology? Share in the comments section.

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