Don’t Just Be Honest

“I’m just being honest.”

Have you ever heard someone say this? In some cases this is good. It is difficult to work in an environment where you have to guess what people are thinking. A bit of honesty goes a long way.

As leaders however, we must do more than just be honest. In fact, I have met people who state their opinions openly, without regard for others feelings or opinions. They seem to be lacking a filter. I am not criticizing them on this point, but I have found one thing particularly fascinating about some of these people.

Somehow I know very little about them.

How is this possible? If we are being honest, and we see each other regularly, we should know a lot about one another, right?

The reason for this discrepancy is one can “be honest” without being vulnerable. As leaders we must push through just being honest and choose to share of our lives.

It’s risky, I know. You will get hurt from time to time, yes. But you will also form a greater team, and, more importantly, lasting friendships that make it all worth the risk.

We have to be vulnerable. We have to let some people in on what is really going on inside of us. Don’t claim to “be honest” if you aren’t vulnerable. Choose to take the extra step in your desire for honesty. It is worth the risk.

Have you ever met someone that was honest, but not vulnerable? How did this impact your team or friendship? Please share in the comments section.

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