2015 Goals: Get Specific

Have you started moving toward your goals for 2015? Previously I posted getting started with your 2015 Goals and making those goals SMART. Alright, time to get specific with some next steps to get from A to B.

Goal: Lose 20 lbs by October 1st, 2015.

2014 Current Reality

  • Very light morning exercise daily for 15 minutes.
  • Limited desserts.
  • Mostly drink tea (no sugar) and water.
  • Drink some smoothies each week for lunch/dinner.

2015 Changes

  • Continue morning exercise as is.
  • Run 3 times a week. Start light on this and build up.
  • No desserts.
  • Only drink tea (no sugar) and water.
  • Drink 3-5 smoothies a week for lunch/dinner.
  • March 1st, see if I am averaging 2-3 lbs of loss a month. If not, step it up.

Who is with me? What is one of your goals for 2015?

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