Blogging Tip #3: Feed Yourself

I still have a lot to learn in regards to this whole blogging thing. As I am working on consistency and narrowing down my social media, I have found there is yet another key component…great content.

Not that I have arrived, but it is definitely and underlying goal to produce better content. How does one do this? Consistency is step one for this. Step two requires one to be feasting on great content.

As the old adage goes, Garbage In Garbage Out. If I want to produce writing worth reading, I need to be feasting on the good stuff.

There is more though. In our information age, we are not lacking for content. Between TV, the internet and the zillions of books being published, we must learn to manage our information diets.

I am still figuring this part out myself, so feel free to send me your tips. Here are some general places to go for content. Originally, I wrote these down as source ideas for producing consistent posts. You can do that, but there is also value in just taking in good content.

1) Blogs – Read blogs and blog about 1/week.
2) Books – Read books and blog about 1/week or month.
3) Podcasts – Listen to podcasts and blog about 1/week.
4) Sermons – Just listen to sermons and blog about 1/week.

Currently, I tend towards taking in content simply because I like it, not because I am managing it or because I am looking for content for a post. I do think intentionality is important though.

Which category do you lean towards in you information diet? Is there one I’m leaving out?



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