Holiday Productivity Tip: Rest

It’s important to rest.

It’s important to rest.

It’s important to rest.

I’m working on actually believing this. There is something in me that equates rest with laziness. Can you relate? Probably some deep insecurity I have.

The fact is, that we all need to rest. A friend of mine once shared with me the importance of having periods of rest, rhythms annually, monthly, and weekly that include rest. This particular person takes a day off each week. Crazy! I know.

So I come, as a fellow struggler in this area, to say to you this week, “You need to take a break.” So spend some time doing things that rejuvinate you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Refill your tank.

It’s okay to rest. Let me repeat that…it is okay to rest. It is even good to rest. May you do the hard work needed in the coming hours to pull away from work, and rest.

Be intentional. Enjoy the rest.

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