Sometimes The Most Productive Thing To Do Is Rest

This past week my plan was to rest. I intentionally chose to not publish any blog posts, to take it easy and spend time with family. Then towards the end of the week I was going to get a head start on this next week by working in the mornings.

Well, I finally caught the cold going around in our family. The voice in my head said, “See this is why you don’t rest. Now you are going to be behind because you didn’t work when you were healthy.” Do you ever tell yourself this lie?

So I was stuck in pickle. Do I rest some more or do I work through the cold, which was getting worse? A younger version of myself would have worked through it and just kept the cold for another week or two.

I chose instead, to continue resting. I even slept in 3 days in a row!

Yes, I feel guilty, even though I know this was the right choice. Yes, I am feeling much better, already.

Now to get back into my routine. I have some goals I want to achieve this year. It is a new year people! Let’s get to it!

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