Creativity: Blessing or Curse?

If I received a dollar for every time I had an idea, I would be so rich I could end world hunger. “I have an idea” is pretty much my favorite phrase. There is a good chance it drives those closest to me a little crazy. Now, my kids are even starting to use this phrase, which I love!

I’m not always sure if having ideas is a blessing or a curse. It is hard to focus, whether it be on a specific task or from a broader perspective. Seems like some pretty successful men and women are “idea people” but I don’t have a bunch of businesses that have been launched and sold, or several books, or (insert what the successful “idea people” do here).

The other thing is that my ideas range across many topics including ministry, productivity, family, faith, nonprofit, entrepreneurial ideas, online ministry, blogging, missions, parenting, church history, the homeless and storytelling. All the pros say, it is important to narrow, narrow, narrow down to a niche. So hard!

Perhaps my issue is a maturity thing. After all, I am not yet the person I am going to be. I think someone else said this, but I’m not sure who. On the Podcast recently, Dan Miller talked about how the experiences we have develop us. He mentioned how 48 Days to the Work You Love* didn’t come to him till he was in his 40s. This was really encouraging. Thanks Dan!

So, if you wake up with ideas and struggle to know what to do with them, you are not alone. Ideas are a blessing. Keep writing them down. A great idea is just around the corner for you…and me.

Do you struggle with too many ideas? What do you do? Please share in the comments section.

*PS: Dan Miller recently updated 48 Days to the Work You Love. I never read the original but plan to read the new one this year. Dan is a great source of ideas and an encourager for “idea people.”

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