Go Have Coffee

Generally speaking I am a productivity focused workaholic. I like people. I just like tasks also. Not sure if this is possible, but I think I am a task-oriented extrovert.

One of my favorite things in the world is to check something off my list. However, I do recognize that people are more important than tasks AND I need people in my life. Being alone, working hard all the time, is not healthy for me…or you.

I have a friend named Xander. One of my favorite things is grabbing coffee with him. Of course, I’m drinking tea, but you get the point.

I enjoy “having coffee” with a lot of people, but it is different with Xander. It usually takes around 3 hours. We have never seen how long it could go, but we are both busy people, so we tend to cut it off around the 2 to 3 hour mark.

Typically we cover a broad range of topics. Sometimes one of us leads off with a specific topic and we stick to it. Other times we go from topic to topic. Usually we are not talking “business.” This is pretty easy since we don’t work together.

This may not seem extremely productive. You are probably wondering why I mention grabbing coffee with a friend in a blog post on “productivity.” Here’s the deal. We all need to dream. We all need to relax. We need other people. We need specific people, ones who are not just another meeting to get through. Conversations with these people could go on forever.

Xander and I are not best friends. We have only known each other a few years and now I have moved away from New Orleans, where he lives. It is not about having another friend or BFF. My point is to find someone who you can hang with and not have an agenda or time-limit. This will be extremely enriching to your soul. And that is productive.

Do you have a Xander? Do you have a person with whom you can grab coffee, not have an ending time, talk, dream, and laugh with? Who do you know that might be your Xander? Go ask them to coffee.

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