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Still not sure about starting an online platform? There are many reasons for starting a platform, whether you are an individual, business owner, nonprofiter or minister. These are 3 reasons why I started an online platform.

1) To Add Value to Friends, Volunteers and Donors. I have found that my platform is a great place to add value to others. From business to family to faith, my platform is where I share my important thoughts to others. My number one goal, is to add value to those I care about most, those doing life with me. I’m still learning, but I hope to continue to get better and help more people.

2) To Talk. We live in a post-verbal society. People have less and less time to talk in person or on the phone. Even when we do, it is often difficult to go deep quickly. My online platform allows me to “talk” about things that matter. My platform has allowed me to have both a stage (a place to get a message out to a lot of people) and a couch (a place to talk about intimate subjects near and dear to individuals).

3) To Increase Donations and Volunteering. The needs around the world are ever growing. Thanks to the internet, people are aware of world events nearly immediately. There are so many nonprofits seeking to make a difference. How is your nonprofit going to get the people and financial resources it needs? I have found that my platform has been a great starting point. I am able to add value to others and partner with them.

Essentially, a platform is the best and cheapest vision casting tool around. It is a way to get your message out there and invite others to join you.

When To Start?
In 4 Insights I Gleaned from Building My Own Platform, Michael Hyatt answers this question. He says:

Question: When is the best time to build a platform?
Answer: Eight years ago.
Question: When is the second best time?
Answer: Today.

What is stopping you? Don’t know what you want to do. Don’t know all the ins and outs of having a platform. That’s okay. Just start. You will learn along the way and get better at it. As Hyatt says, “Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.” Get going.

Good luck!

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