Comments or No Comments?

I have a question for you, do you like having the option to leave comments at the end of a blog post? Why? Why not?

This month, Michael Hyatt made a big change in his policy on comments. For a long time he has been really big on bloggers having a comments section and using it for conversation. However, this month, he made a change and has removed the comments section of his blog!!

I was pretty shocked to hear this, so I read his explanation and would be curious to hear what you all (my readers) think. For the record, I haven’t been very good at replying to comments. My apologies. I recently found out that the comments were no longer being emailed to me. Forgive me for my oversight.

So, do you like having the opportunity to comment on my blog or would you prefer to have the conversation via Facebook or Twitter? Please leave your response in the comments section…on social media or in an email. 🙂 Thank you!

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