How To Stop Forgetting Where You Put Stuff

Recently I have developed a problem with forgetting where I have put stuff. Okay, my wife, Michelle, may beg to differ as to how recent this issue is, but since I’m writing the post, I’m saying it is recent. There are benefits to having the microphone…keyboard.

Last week, I bought some gifts for a couple of my friends. I put them in a safe place until I would be ready to wrap them. The next day, she asked where I put these gifts I was going to give to my friends. I told here and she said, “Okay, just wanted to know in case you forgot.”

As funny as this may sound, Michelle was not giving me a hard time. I have asked for help multiple times. My problem is not a location issue. I choose good spots that I (or we) will eventually run across. Nothing has been mistakenly thrown away due to my location selection. My issue is selecting spots that I will remember to check.

Last year, when we were moving my mom into our place, I changed the location of some of our keys. They were for locks we don’t use much. Previously, I had put them in one of 3 places and they were no longer in any of them.

For over 6 months I was upset about not finding the keys. Yes, I was even accusing “others” of misplacing or throwing them away. Turns out, since we weren’t using them much, I put them in a new location that we would eventually look in…when we went to move!

Clearly I have a problem. I’m going to try something and see how it goes. Any idea what I’m thinking? Evernote of course! With Evernote I can make a note of where I leave things, even an audio or picture note. Then I can search by subject and find where I leave stuff. Never heard of Evernote? No problem. Start here, and then when you are ready to upgrade to the paid version, go here.

 It is frustrating to lose stuff. It is especially so when you consider yourself fairly organized. Well, no one is perfect. Let us continue our journey together toward increased productivity. 

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