Why Blog? 10 Reasons Your Small Business Should Blog Even If No One Reads It

Have you ever wondered if blogging is worth the time investment? Does your business (nonprofit or for-profit) really need a blog? I believe the answer is a resounding YES! Here are 10 reasons why.

1) Help Others – Do you want to be a successful business? Then there is just one thing you need to do. No, it does not matter what industry you are in. There is still just one thing. You must add value to people’s lives. Add more value than anyone else, and you will be set apart. Blogging allows you to add value to those in your company and out.

2) Help Yourself – As you will see from this list, blogging greatly benefits you. It is worth it, for this reason alone.

3) Traffic to Your Site – Researchers have found having a blog creates 55% more visitors to your site than not having a blog. Simply, blogging gives people a reason to come back.

4) The OneMichael Schechter writes about “unexpected opportunities” that have come his way due to blogging. He states that “You just need the right one.” Seth Godin writes about this idea as well. It is not necessary for everyone to read your blog. You need the right one to read it.

5) Drip Marketing – Whatever market you are in, sells and marketing are part of your business plan. Blogging is basically free marketing. It provides a “drip-drip-drip of communication” to your audience, clients and customers. Jeremy Eisenberg says, “While cold calling, buying lists and mailers might sound like it will generate more business for you than your blog that isn’t being read, they probably won’t.”

6) Crowd-Sourcing – Blogging allows you to go to your audience for their opinions. This can be super helpful if you are thinking about rolling out a new product line or simply just trying something different.

7) Newsworthy – If you have a blog, you can easily send out important news to your employees and customers alike. This can be very helpful whether you are sending out bad or good news.

8) Archive – You essentially have a catalog of information for anyone who might need it. Your content has an infinite shelf life. If your customers have a question, send them a link to a post that provides a detailed answer to their question.

9) Re-Purposing Content – Companies and individuals alike have found blogging to be a great source of content for future projects. Whether you are writing a book, sending out a newsletter or creating a product, your blog can help. Other ways to repurpose your content include prepping for presentations and speeches, as well as assigned reading for training and workshops.

10) Identity and Community – Whether it is for your staff or customers, whether you believe it is important or not, creating an identity and building community is important. Blogging allows you to touch others and add value to their lives. It gives them the opportunity to speak into the conversation as well. I cannot think of a more important benefit to blogging than this.

I actually did some research on this post. 🙂 Here is a list of my sources:

What is stopping you from hosting a blog for your business? If you have a blog, what has been the greatest benefit for you? Please share in the comments section or on social media. Thank you.

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