How Do You Change A Habit? Step 1, Read This Book!


“Every habit can be changed.” – Charles Duhigg

Do you believe it? I heard Charles Duhigg speak and he said these words. It seems crazy, I know. Here’s another…

“Researchers have found willpower is the single greatest corollary to future success.”

Duhigg went on to say that willpower can be taught and developed. If this is true, what is the potential for you? How about for your children?

Habits Rule
This book helped me to see that habits rule my life. They rule your life too. Of course, I had this sense already, but didn’t realize the far reaching impact of habits on me, those around me and society. I have also come to realize the good in this reality, the fact that I can change my habits and decide which habits will rule.

To say that I “highly recommend this book,” would be an understatement. This is one of those books, that if I was rich, I would buy and give to everyone I know. You must read this book.

For more information on the Power of Habit, start here. Also check out Charles Duhigg on his website or on Twitter.

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