The New Version of GTD is Out!


What is GTD? It stands for Getting Things Done and it is a book about productivity by David Allen. More than just a book, it is a methodology for how to live a productive life.

If your life is anything like mine, your list of to do items includes things like change the lightbulb in the kitchen, write up that report at work, make plans for vacation, prep study for church, call those 5 people when I get to the office, etc. GTD helps you get your life in order so you can get those things (everything) done.

Originally written in 2001, the old version, while quite amazing, incorporates technology from the time period. The new version takes into account changes in technology. Although, from reading a review, it looks like it primarily tries to take technology out of it, since it changes so rapidly.

Definitely read reviews before buying. However, if you are interested in becoming more productive, you must read this book. GTD is the book on productivity. I look forward to reading this new version. You can pick up a copy on Amazon or on the GTD Website.

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