My Evernote ScanSnap


As I mentioned previously, I recently got an Evernote ScanSnap. I am looking forward to setting it up and using it. It is going to be a great addition to my productivity toolkit.

Still brainstorming, but here are some of the things I am considering it for:

1) Old Pics – We have hundreds of pictures that are not digitized. Although I do not plan to keep them in Evernote longterm, it will be a great way to get them quickly digitized. Then I can put them wherever I want. There is even a feature to have the scans also downloaded to your hard drive.

2) Random Documents – Do you ever get a piece of mail, or maybe a handout at work, and you think, “I don’t need this right now, but I will at some point.” Then you take a big breath, because you know you are going to lose this piece of paper. Well, the Evernote ScanSnap is going to help me not lose those! Thank you Evernote.

3) Notebooks/Resources – You go to a conference, take amazing notes and then you lose your notebook! Ahh! Instead, just take those notes out and scan them into Evernote. Double sided? No problem. The ScanSnap can scan both sides! Single sided? Also no problem. The ScanSnap won’t add a blank side to your scan.

4) Receipts – I have resisted scanning receipts into Evernote so far. Mostly because I’m super concerned about security. I think it is time to make this leap though. Otherwise I end up loosing receipts anyways.

5) Paperless – This has not been a serious goal of mine, but Evernote has reduced my use of keeping papers. Now with the ScanSnap, I think going paperless really is a possibility. Again, thank you Evernote!

What am I missing? Any suggestions? Please share in the comments section or on social media.

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