Winning from a Loss

“You learn more when you lose a football game than when you win.” – Danny Wuerffel

We all lose at some point. Whether in a sport, at work or in our family, we experience setbacks, hangups and even failure. The important thing is to learn from these moments.

The next time you frustrated from a “loss,” take the time to write down 5 things:

1) What do I need to own as my responsibility? (This may be one thing or several.)

2) What could I do differently next time? (Ideas)

3) Who do I need to talk to? (The goal here is to own my responsibility and/or for accountability purposes for next time.)

4) What will I do differently next time? (Decision time)

5) When do I need to review what I’ve just written down in order to continuously improve? (Set a reminder on a future date.)

What tips do you have on winning from a loss? Please share in the comments or on social media.

The quote above comes from “attending” Accelerate Giving. Several posts will be coming out as a result of this conference. Thank you to Ministry Ventures for hosting this event and to the speakers that were involved.

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