Starting Essentialism

Well, if you have been following me long, you know that I have already started reading Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. In fact, I just finished it over the weekend. Let me tell you, this is a great book!

I typically do not finish a book unless it is a good one, but Essentialism is so good, it is going on my Reread List. This means, I plan to read it over and over throughout my life on a semi-regular basis. I see why Michael Hyatt added it to his Top 10 Favorite Books of All Time.

So why did I title this post “Starting Essentialism?” Because, as McKeown says, Essentialism is not just another thing to add to your list. It is a way of life. We must give up the undisciplined pursuit of more and deliberately choose to seek the disciplined pursuit of less.

We must make tradeoffs. We must choose to focus on the areas of life where we add the most value. We must make the decision to be Essentialists rather than Nonessentialists.

I have made this decision, to be an Essentialist. Currently, I am in a state of transition. Although it doesn’t feel like it, now is the perfect time to decide to do Essentialism.

Seems like the first year in a new place is one big transition. I am weighing finishing well with my current areas of responsibility and looking to the future. As a Jesus follower, I desire to hear from him and be obedient. Like all Jesus people, I have ministry to do and I need to make a living. I’m still figuring these out.

As an idea person, I get pretty distracted by “opportunities.” I call it “Vision ADD.” McKeown calls it Nonessentialism. I am making a change.

Join me! Whether you have read the book or are just following my posts, what resonates with you most on the topic of Essentialism? What is your next step? Please share in the comments or on social media. Thank you!

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