Powerbot: My Secret for Integrating Evernote and Gmail


One of the challenges of Inbox Zero, that is clearing your email inbox daily, are 1) emails that require additional work (anything over 2 minutes) and/or 2) emails requiring you to come back to them at a future date. I absolutely love seeing an empty email inbox. However these are two barriers I run into regularly.

My answer to this problem is Powerbot. This productivity tool allows me to quickly move emails out of my inbox to Evernote. Of course, Evernote gives every user a unique email to send emails to, however, Powerbot allows me to quickly select what notebook I want the email to go to, tag it, leave a comment and even set a reminder.

Boom. The email is out of my inbox and in my trusted Evernote account.

Want to try Powerbot out? Go to their website and use coupon ADAM2. Let me know what you think.

How about you? What productivity tools do you use for getting to Inbox Zero on a daily basis? Please share in the comments or on social media.

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