Meet Weekly with Your Spouse

Each week, Michelle and I sit down to check in, cover “business” related topics and look at our schedule. It is an opportunity to make sure we are on the same page for this week and coming weeks. It is also a chance to float any new ideas we might have to one another.

Not a Date
This meeting is not a date. We do dates at other times. Some topics might flow into both, especially cool ideas for our family. However, checking in on one another’s to do lists and double checking the calendar typically max out our time at this weekly check-in before the kids can’t stand it any longer. 🙂

When We Miss
Normally we do this 3-4 times a month. It is not really something we work hard at, which is why I hesitated to bring it up. More like brushing your teeth or buckling your seatbelt. It would just feel weird not to do it and we know we would regret it. Two typical results of not meeting are:

1) Miscommunication – Trying to get these type of topics covered in between the events of life and work is tough. “We are meeting with the Smith family on Thursday at 6.” “Friday at 6, got it. And the pest control guy is coming on Wednesday at nine.” “Wednesday at noon, got it.” See what I mean?

2) Miss Something – Usually something falls through the cracks. Whether it be something on the schedule (or not on the schedule), a bill not getting paid, etc. When both parties are looking at their lists and calendars, you decrease the chances of this happening.

Usually we meet for about an hour. However it may go longer if I have a crazy idea and sometimes it goes shorter because we have been meeting regularly and there is less on the calendar. Oh, and all topics are on the agenda including personal, family, work, church, etc. We cover it all because this is life, a big web where everything mixes together.

Do you meet weekly with your spouse? Any suggestions? Please share in the comments section or on social media.

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