Sleep More, Sit Less

It is an interesting dichotomy. We don’t get enough sleep and we sit too much. Both of these are killers, literally.

Your body needs about 8 hours of sleep a night. Without it, you will be less productive, a less pleasant person to be around and tired (of course).

You body needs sleep. My sweet spot is 7.5 hours. Less than this and I’ve noticed I feel groggy. More…well, I don’t usually have a problem with sleeping too much. My body wakes me up one way or another.

Do you sit all day at work? That is bad. No really, it is not good for you.

If you sit for multiple hours a day, you are hurting yourself physically and mentally. You are killing yourself physically and mentally. You need to make some changes.

Next Steps
So, I typically do a decent job on sleep. I get up early, but don’t be impressed. I go to bed early. However, I sit way too much. Wherever you are on these two areas, I encourage you to try some of the following ideas.

1) Decide how much sleep you are going to get and then do it.
2) Develop a morning and evening ritual to help you go to bed well and wake up well.
3) Don’t drink or eat much before you go to bed so you can sleep well.
4) Drink a bunch of water first thing in the morning to get you up and going.

5) Try a stand up desk. Start with something you already have for 2 weeks.
6) Exercise daily. Start with walking.
7) Determine how much you sit a day and slowly decrease this over time.
8) Look for opportunities to walk more in your everyday life.

Making changes to these two areas of your life, will dramatically increase you energy, productivity and …happiness. Yes, I will go there. You can’t be happy with low energy and bad health. Give it a try.

How are you doing on sleeping and sitting? What changes are you going to make? Please share online or on social media. Thanks.

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