Productive Creativity: Helping Creatives Manage Time and Create with Excellence

Creativity has always been a high value for me. I would not put myself on the super creative end when matched up against all creatives on the planet. However, I do love to create and am absolutely captivated by the creativity of others.

So why a post on “Creativity” in the “Productivity” category of my blog? Those two don’t go together. They are opposites. Or are they?

I actually believe everyone is made to create. Sometimes we are discouraged from creativity. Some other values stamp out the creativity bone in us. I do not believe productivity is the culprit though.

Productivity is about efficiently using your time to accomplish the things you value most.

That is my own definition. What do you think?

The point here is that you and I have tasks to manage (some fun activities and some not). We all have time to manage. We all have relationships to manage.

Seeking to be productive, therefore, is the pursuit of putting first things first. We get to decide to put creativity on top or at least toward the top.

To be creative, you need time, which means you need to learn to manage all the tasks, relationships, events, projects, etc that come your way. It is not about getting good with details. It is clearing space in your mind to be as creative as possible.

I want to share 3 resources that can help you on your journey to Productive Creativity. They have helped me.

1) A Book: Getting Things Done by David Allen is the book on productivity. His goal is to get you to have “mind like water” so that while you are doing the thing you are wanting to do right now, other tasks don’t creep into your thinking and distract you. It is not an easy book to make it through on your own. I recommend reading it with a friend or group of friends.

2) A Blog: is a treasure of resources on productivity. Creative himself, he comes from a publishing background and has worked with all types of creative people. He has a podcast as well, that I enjoy regularly. He is my main ongoing resource for tips and tricks related to productivity and creativity.

3) A Podcast: Beyond The To Do List by Erik Fisher gives the opportunity to hear from many different creatives. He interviews them allowing us to hear their story, see what makes them tick and how they do what they do. There is more to life than just being productive and this podcast reinforces this value over and over.

Can you be creative and productive? Absolutely! Don’t just be busy. Be productive. Don’t just be productive. Let your productivity lead you to create great works of art.

What is your greatest hangup in regards to Productive Creativity? What is holding you back? Please share on social media or in the comments section. Thanks.

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