Rest, Work and Relationships


These 3 areas of life are important to your productivity. They will propel you forward or hold you back if you let any one of them take priority over the others.

If you rest too much, you may have time for relationships, but you will not be able to provide for your own needs. Not to mention the impending cycle of depression that will then keep you from working. You do not want to go down this road!

If you spend too much time on relationships, at the expense of work or rest, again you are headed somewhere you don’t want to go. I do not know anyone who has done this, but I’m sure it is possible.

If you work too much, and this is most people, at the expense of rest and relationships, you are setting yourself up for bankruptcy. This kind of bankruptcy is not financial, however. It comes on in the form of burnout, divorce and other broken relationships.

Many people talk about different areas of life, and I think there are several to consider for sure. The interaction of rest, work and relationships, which my pastor talks about regularly, is of critical importance though. We want to put work above all else, but it does not belong in first place. Rather it is an equal partner in your life with rest and relationships.

Parents, do not spend your life “providing for your children” and not ever spend time with your children. You are the only parents they have. They need you more than they need your money.

Busy people, stop working without rest. Your body is designed to work hard and rest. Play is key as well (relationships). The big takeaway here for me is that when I am resting, and not being productive (which is hard for me to do), I am trusting God to take care of the things I am not doing. Rest is an act of faith.

Work is important. We need to have meaningful work that provides for our financial needs. Work that matters is food for our soul. However, do not let work become your god. There is more to this life than just work.

Do you ever let rest, work or relationships take first place in your life? What do you need to do to put things back in balance? Please share on social media or in the comments section. 

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