Raising Kids to be Entrepreneurs

Is it possible to raise my kids to be entrepreneurs?

This is the question I asked myself recently. I believe the answer is “yes” and I want to be intentional with it. As all good parents, my wife and I want to set them up to be successful in life. Teaching them entrepreneurial skills would be a great first step.

No, this is not just about money. Yes, play is important. In fact, as homeschool kids, mine get to play a lot.

My primary motivation here is figuring out a way to stimulate their creativity. It is fascinating to me that from a young age I can already see their passions. These passions may only be a hobby down the road, but perhaps it could be more.

I want my kids to have the option to create something of such value that people would pay them for it.

Secondarily, and I say this because it is important also, it’s just not the only important aspect, is I want my kids to be able to make a living. I do not want them to struggle through life financially. How great would it be if it could be said about my adult children (we are still far from adulthood at this point), “S/he knows how to make money.”

I’m not talking about being rich, materialistic or individualistic. I’m talking about living the life you want to live and have the skills to provide for yourself along the way. I think it is possible.

  • What if your kid loved to create something and you could fuel that passion?
  • What if that passion could result in a business that paid for their college?
  • What if when your kids left your home they knew how to do one thing extremely well?
  • What if during the ups and downs of life your kids didn’t have to figure out how to survive because making money came easily to them?
  • What if your kids could create something of such value that people would pay them for it?

Parents, you only have your kids for a little while. Make the most of it. Encourage creativity and play. Prepare them for the future.

What tips do you have for raising entrepreneurial kids? Please share in the comments section or on social media.

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  1. Mandy McKnight

    I so agree with this! 2 things that I try to do with our kids…
    1)most toys these days come with instructions telling the kid exactly what to do with the toy, I want my kids to play with things that cause them to use their imagination. We have lots of dress up outfits for girls & boys & lots & lots of Legos!
    2)I have to remind myself that I’m not here to entertain my kids. I try to take time with each of them throughout the day, but I don’t have to play every game of Candyland that is asked of me. Sometimes it’s ok to say that mommy has other things to do. Sometimes these become the moments that my kids play best together- on their own!

    August 13, 2015
  2. adamsuter

    Love it, Mandy. Thank you. Good tips! Definitely not our job to entertain. You are a great mom!

    August 13, 2015