Social Media Break

It’s that time again. The next couple of weeks I will be taking a break from social media. This benefits me in multiple ways.

1) Relationships – I’ll be able to better focus on the relationships right in front of me. In particular, my wife and I will be having some quality time.

2) Productivity – Doing this every so often increases my productivity…in the short term, but more importantly, over the long haul.

3) Faith – I will be spending extra time in prayer during this time. Increased prayer always equals spiritual growth.

4) Presence – Michelle and I will be traveling some and we look forward to being completely present with one another.

If you are interested in taking a break from social media, I have some suggestions.

1) Last Post – Send a post out on social media telling people you are taking a break and for how long. Then, a day or two later, pull off. It’s good to give people a heads up.

2) Deactivate Your Number 1 Social Media – I don’t close down all social media, but definitely for the one I use the most. That way I don’t come back to a full inbox.

Want to join me? What’s stopping you from taking a break from Social Media. Tell me in the comments section.

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