A Work-Life Balance Tip: Be Present

One of the best conferences I have ever been to was the Be Present themed Catalyst Conference in Atlanta a few years ago. After all, I still remember the theme. It was simple, making it easy to remember, but not necessarily to implement.

Be present.

What does that mean? How does one do it? Is it even possible?

Being present is physical. You must be present for the people and things important to you. Saying you care, but not backing it up with your presence, speaks loudly.

Parents beware. Spending long hours at the office providing for your children who never get to see you…well I speak from experience. They would rather have less stuff, a smaller home and your presence.

Being present is mental. While the physical is a great first step, you must not allow your thoughts to fly away from where you need to be. Just as it would not be appropriate to be talking to friends on your phone or social media while at work, you need to disconnect from work when at home. To be truly present, you must let the person in front of you know they have your attention.

Where are you right now physically? How about mentally? Are you in two places at once?

Decide where you need to be right now. If you need to move or make a change physically or mentally, do it now.

Choose to be fully present where you are. You will become a better employee, mother, husband, boss, friend.

Do you struggle more at being present physically or mentally? Please share in the comments section or on social media.

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