Go Deep

Perhaps you are making decisions on what to do with your charitable giving. You are trying to decide whether to give four people/organizations $25 per month or to give one organization $100 per month.

Go Deep. Give the one organization $100 per month. It will make a greater impact.

Your schedule is full. You are having to decide between spending more time with one person or group of people verses finally getting together with three others that have been trying to get on your schedule.

Go Deep. Spend more time developing deeper relationships, and say no to a bunch of new superficial ones.

You have a bunch of stuff to do. Really it seems like you have the choice of spending the next 2 hours in six 20 minute increments in which nothing will really get completed or you can focus on one thing and make a difference.

Go Deep. Focus on the one thing that really matters, that you can finish and get out the door. See if you can delegate those other tasks, defer them to another time or even delete them from you list.

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