Thank You Catalyst

Dear Catalyst,

Thank you for Catalyst 2015 Awaken the Wonder. I’ve been to several Catalysts now and I always take away something. However, this year was different. It is sticking. I think there are 3 reasons for this.

First off, the theme (Awaken the Wonder) really resonated with me. I also think everyone involved did a fantastic job of weaving the theme throughout the event. We all need to dream, create and awaken the wonder within us.

The speakers were so vulnerable. They did not speak out of theory. Rather they spoke life into us even in the midst of the difficult times they are in right now.

All Leaders
It is tough sometimes to speak to pastors AND non-pastors. Excellent job of speaking to all leaders. Thank you.

To all those who made Catalyst 2015 happen, I thank you. You did an excellent job. You created a masterpiece.

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