Where You Work Matters: Choosing the Best Working Platform for You

If you are going to do work that matters, you need to consider the environment you are working in. You must consider the platform from which you are going to do your work.

I have thought of 3 platforms or environments for you to consider. None are better than the other and all can be amazing or toxic depending on other factors, which I won’t be covering in this post. Here they are:

1) Small Business Owner – As a small business owner, you have the opportunity to impact a community. Both with your clients and your employees, you are painting the canvas of individual lives in a special way. I have the pleasure of knowing multiple small business owners who use this platform to change lives. Oh, and they do alright financially as well. 😉

2) Solopreneur – As a Solopreneur there is a lot of freedom to do what you want when you want to do it. This creates an awesome opportunity to add a lot of value to a ton of people. You are a speedboat, able to make decisions quickly and provide immediate impact.

3) Big Business Employee – The great thing about a Big Business is stability. Typically, you can count on them being around for the long-term. Also, you can count on your paycheck, vacation and benefits. Often times you are exposed to resources and people you may not meet otherwise.


But wait! There is one more option.

4) Company with Culture – If you are not the entrepreneurial type (Small Business Owner or Solopreneur), but you’ve had a bad experience in the typical Big Business, try looking for a company that is intentional in developing their culture. These companies care about the employee. They want to make money, but more importantly they want to make a difference. They drive to add so much value to the lives of their clients and employees, that the result is a successful business.

Companies with Culture are rare, but worth finding. Rather than a speedboat, they are a larger vessel, able to go long distances safely, with a crew that takes care of one another.

Which work platform represents where you are right now? Where do you want to be? Please share in the comments below or on social media. Thanks!

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