You Can’t Do It All

“The greatest thing you do may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” ~ Andy Stanley

As a parent, this quote stands out to me from Catalyst 2015. We are so busy trying to save the world. We want to be successful professionally. We try and be perfect at everything we do. We want to provide everything for our children. Sometimes we even neglect our kids in an attempt to “provide for them.”

Don’t make this mistake. Soak in the time you have with your children. Most of the things you are stressed about this week or people you are working with right now, will not be part of your life in the not so distant future.

You cannot do it all. Someone at work or at church…your neighbor…your friends…the trainer at the gym…someone is not going to get the time and effort out of you that they want. That is okay.

Choose the people you are going to say “yes” to and be intentional to say “no” to the rest.

You cannot do it all. If you do not decide to say “no” to some, you will end up saying “no” to your children. Say “yes” to them. Choose to make them a priority.

Who are you raising? Who has God called you to raise them to be? Don’t get distracted.

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