Try Google Voice

Recently I signed up for Google Voice. Without changing my cell phone plan or getting a home phone, I now have an alternative phone number to give to people. I can use it from an app on my phone or from my computer.

With Google Voice you have option of choosing which of your phones (cell, home or work) will ring when someone calls your Google Voice number. You also have ability to turn it off, which is nice after work hours.

Voicemail is also provided and it will transcribe your voicemails so you can read them if for some reason you are not able to listen to them.

Texting is also a feature of Google Voice.

You can even screen callers before answering. Send them to voicemail and listen as they leave their message. Break into the call and begin talking with them once you have confirmed who they are.

Check out all that Google Voice can do here.

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