10 Tips for a Quarterly Offsite!

It is that time again! I am so excited about my Quarterly Offsite coming up in a couple weeks. I have already started preparing for it.

In addition to these tips mentioned previously, here are some others:

1) Evernote – Use Evernote to keep all your ideas in one place. I have new ideas regularly, and I put them in Evernote so I can come back to them on my offsite.

2) Create, Learn and Serve This is kind of a mantra for me. It also helps me get organized for the next 90 days. What do I want to create? What do I want to learn? Who do I want to serve?

3) Create List – Make a Create List of things you plan to work on this next quarter. Then start scheduling your time so you can make these things happen.

4) Learn List – How are you going to manage all the opportunities to learn? Simple, decide in advance what books you will read, which podcasts you will listen to, etc. Of course you should leave some room for a recommendation that might come your way, but be intentional. Otherwise, you will try to consume too much and not finish any.

5) Serve List – Who is your priority? What are some new relationships that you want to make a priority? What are some relationships dragging you down that you need to let go of? Be intentional. Choose community. You cannot be everyone’s best friend, so don’t try.

6) Set Goals – Some areas to consider are Family, Career/Work, Financial, Personal Development, Social, Spiritual, Ministry.

7) Rest – Make sure to rest during your offsite. It is not all about planning. Rest is super important.

8) Exercise – Take a walk. Go for a run. Exercise can really stimulate great ideas. Make this part of your offsite. Make it part of your every day.

9) Pray – Before you start, in the middle, and at the end, be sure to pray. Ask the Lord to guide your time.

10) Create Margin – One of the main goals of your offsite should be to put margin back in your life.

What about you? What tips do you have for me for my Quarterly Offsite? Please share in the comments or on social media. Thanks in advance!

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