What Are Your Thoughts on Lent?

Guy 1: I am giving up watching football for Lent.

Guy 2: You can’t give up football. The season is over.

(Awkward silence as Guy 1 thinks.)

Guy 1: I’m giving up watching sports for Lent. 

Guy 2: Wow! That is awesome!

(Guy 1 smiles and leaves the conversation.)

Guy 2 turns to Guy 1’s spouse and asks: What other sports does he watch. 

Spouse 1: Just football. 


I do not have very strong feelings about Lent. I did not grow up participating in it and have rarely been in a church that did much with it.

I do not think it is a bad tradition. I believe God asks us to give things up and do things on a regular basis. Whether it be during Lent or in the middle of the summer, we should seek to obey.

For this Lent, I am considering three options:

1) Not doing anything.

2) Fasting one day a week as part of a fast with my church.

3) Using Lent as an opportunity to change/start a habit I’ve been trying to get to but have not up to this point.

What about you? What are your thoughts on Lent? What are you doing? Any ideas or tips for the rest of us? Please share in the comments below or on social media. Thanks!

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